Accreditation Compliance Evalution (ACE)

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Are you intimidated by the process of earning an accreditation? You’re not alone. Simplifyance™ offers a cost-effective way to demystify the compliance process by providing valuable intel that allows organizations to make changes in-house. National accreditation can make all the difference for any addiction treatment center. Clients and families often weigh this in deciding on which treatment program they go to.

With Simplifyance’s Accreditation Compliance Evaluation (ACE), you can find out how close you are to accreditation— without breaking the bank. 


 Contains comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data findings of the organization. 

 Outlines the areas where organizations are doing well and where they are not in compliance. 

 Provides detailed information moving organizations closer to meeting accreditation standards. 

 Includes a multi-tier proposal for continued support in earning accreditation. 


We spend time learning about your program from a designated member of your leadership team.


We examine your
current policies and
procedures, performing
a full audit and gauging
which standards are
applicable to you.


We sit down with leaders managing your operations, clinical, and human resource efforts.


We provide you with your in-depth ACE report.


Our expert advisory team conducts comprehensive evaluations encompassing various crucial areas:

1. Review of Program Materials: Our experts meticulously scrutinize your program materials, including policies, procedures, plans, processes, forms, and employee and client manuals. This thorough review ensures that your documentation aligns seamlessly with the stringent requirements of accrediting bodies.

2. Evaluation of Client/Patient Medical Records: Accurate medical documentation is paramount in compliance. We conduct an in-depth assessment by reviewing a sample set of client/patient medical records. This examination is pivotal in determining your organization's current compliance in terms of medical record-keeping practices.

3. Assessment of HR Files: Our consultants delve into a sample set of HR files, evaluating your organization's compliance in the realm of human resources. This includes a comprehensive review of employee records, qualifications, training, and other critical HR aspects, ensuring they meet accreditation standards.

4. Environment of Care and Emergency Management: Safety and emergency preparedness are paramount. Simplifyance™ extends its assessment to your organization's Environment of Care and Emergency Management processes and procedures. We evaluate safety measures, emergency response plans, and compliance with environmental regulation.

Upon completing the Compliance Assessment, Simplifyance™ takes it a step further. We provide your organization with a meticulously crafted work plan tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, you'll receive a detailed report highlighting the assessment results, pinpointing areas of compliance strength, and identifying any potential gaps.

But our commitment doesn't end there. We equip your organization with all the necessary materials and guidance to address and resolve any compliance gaps revealed during the assessment. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in your upcoming Joint Commission or CARF survey.  Download ACE Flyer