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A monthly billed, white glove, all-inclusive, out-of-the-box compliance solution.  Simplifyance ™  acts as the organization’s compliance department. Your organization may define the Scope of Work for compliance activities from a variety of services including, but not limited to:

  • Incident management and oversight, support and/or management of incident investigation, mitigation, corrective action planning; analysis and reporting of risk trends. 

  • Management of critical incident reporting to external regulatory bodies, investigation and follow-up   

  • Oversight and management of the organization’s performance improvement initiatives 

  • Oversight of the organization’s operational plans 

  • Oversight and updates to the Infection Prevention and Control Plan 

  • Develop educational materials to train and educate staff on organization policies and procedures 

  • Facilitation of the organization’s Policy and Procedure Committee 

  • Content management for compliance training for all staff

  • Implement and monitor corrective action plans to close identified regulatory compliance gaps  

  • Research and advice on regulatory and compliance requirements in new jurisdictions

  • Monitor the regulatory and legal environment for changes that affect compliance obligations