Behavioral Health Solutions for Public Health

Simplifyance™ is your dedicated partner in achieving the Healthy People 2030 goals. We have a proven track record of effective collaboration with Public Health Entities (PHEs) to address critical behavioral health challenges.

We provide three solutions to help Public Health Entities achieve success:

  1. Consulting services to open or expand Behavioral Health Services
  2. Software solutions to support staff expertise, high-quality clinical operations and compliance
  3. Support for grant sourcing and application assistance

Common Concerns from PHEs


 1. We want to open a substance or mental health treatment program but don’t know what to do first.

Our Project Advising for Behavioral Healthcare Programs can pave the road for PHE’s that want to provide mental health resources in their community.  We have a team of experts with decades of experience in the field, including opening and operating behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment facilities.  

2. Our current existing behavioral health programs need advising and/or support to grow in being a responsive solution to the local community.

 Simplifyance offers expert advisory services. We specialize in helping programs refine their strategies, optimize their operations, and tailor their approaches to better address the unique needs of the communities they serve. With our assistance, your program can grow and evolve to become a more impactful and responsive resource for your local community.

3. We need tools to facilitate high-quality operations and compliance requirements.

Recognizing the importance of equipping your staff with the right knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively address do their jobs, the Simplifyance team has designed a software tool goes beyond just addressing the knowledge gap; it streamlines and automates critical processes like incident management, task management, library management, human resources, and learning management.

4. We don’t have the financial resources to fully support behavioral health needs  in our community.

Our primary commitment is to partner with PHE’s in identifying available state and federal resources to support behavioral health services within your local communities.  Our expert team can not only help you secure essential funding but also pave the way for lasting financial sustainability.

How Do We Do It? 

Simplifyance Software as a Service provides five core functions that support effective operations, administration, and compliance.   Our tool will have a positive impact on the efficiency, effectiveness, and cost savings of public health staff and leadership. Modules include: 

●   Incident Management

●   Task Management

●   Library Management with Version History & Authentication

●   Human Resources Management

●   Learning Management