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The Challenge

Behavioral Healthcare (BHC) organizations are heavily regulated under their state’s administrative laws, national accreditation standards of compliance, and other certification requirements. These regulations are in place to ensure the highest standard of safety in behavioral health treatment.  

Non-compliance with any of the regulatory requirements can negatively impact the success of your organization. For example: 

  • Non-compliance with your state’s administrative rules and regulations eliminates an organization’s ability to legally operate. 

  • Payers, including commercial insurance providers, require BHC’s to earn and maintain national accreditation (Joint Commission, CARF, etc.) to be eligible for reimbursement. 

  • Organization certifications, such as the ASAM Level of Care certification, provides more financial opportunity, including higher negotiated reimbursement rates 

We understand that anyone operating a Behavioral Healthcare organization has the passion and desire to be compliant with these regulations to provide their clients with the highest quality care. However, keeping up with the required tasks to obtain and retain licensure, accreditation, and certification is difficult to manage and time consuming. 

Systems for completing mandatory compliance tasks, documenting completion, aggregating the data, and evaluating the reported information is laborious. Data collection and aggregation has historically been done manually (papers, binders) and easily loses priority. Required content (policies, procedures, plans, data) is often disorganized, decentralized, inaccurate, outdated, and inaccessible  

Remaining in perpetual compliance is a significant challenge due to the demands of day-to-day operations (time & attention), turnover (consistency), and lack of oversight and visibility by leadership (accountability).

Our Solution


Our compliance software solution, Simplifyance™, automates task completion, data collection and aggregation, and report production. Simplifyance™ software comes to you with the required content, tasks, and templates out-of-the-box. This software manages your compliance tasks in an organized repository to easily present to the regulators. 

Simplifyance™ complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA) Privacy and Security rules.  Simplifyance™ has implemented physical, technical, and administrative safeguards including the use of encryption and minimum necessary access to data to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all client data stored on the platform.  


Simplifyance™ features several systems to help your organization remain in compliance and reduce stress around the survey experience. Simplifyance™ features: 

  • Incident and medication error reporting and follow-up

  • Task management with auto aggregation

  • Policies, procedures, and data management   

  • Organized approach to performance improvement

  • Organized system for maintaining staff credentials

  • Reporting functionality
  • Customizable forms


  • You save time and money by reducing compliance activity labor hours (time and attention)  

  • If key staff leave your organization, new staff are seamlessly trained and educated (consistency)  

  • Leadership has clear visibility into the organization’s compliance health grade (accountability)  

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Incident & Medication Error Reporting

Simplifyance™ features a built-in incident management system for staff to report incidents and medication errors to ensure proper documentation and follow-up. Staff can report incidents and medication errors without having to login as a user. 

  • Automatic creation of follow-up tasks to increase accountability and proper documentation 

  • Conditional logic that gives providers the ability to route incident reports to selected leaders 

Incident & Medication Error Follow-Up

In Simplifyance™, incidents and medications errors are automatically triaged to the appropriate department leader. This automatic system ensures accountability and proper documentation to show regulators. 

  • Reports that are easy to navigate and can be filtered based on severity  

  • Data that is automatically aggregated and  

  • Reports that can be generated from any of the digital forms to track trends and recurring issues  

Task Management

Simplifyance™ features a task management system to ensure that all compliance-related tasks are completed and documented. Simplifyance™ gives each organization the ability to schedule upcoming tasks at the required cadence, so that nothing is missed.   

  • Tasks and activities required for accreditation are built into the system out-of-the-box 

  • New tasks are seamlessly created and assigned to users 

  • Leadership has clear visibility into task completion, increasing accountability 

  • Tasks can be re-assigned if responsibilities change, or turnover occurs 

Resource Library

The Resource Library houses all of your organization’s active policies, procedures, and plans. Additionally, the non-active Resource Library contains templated plans and procedures as required by the regulators that is available to Simplifyance™ users. The Resource Library features easy navigation based on keyword(s) search and/or department and serves as a single repository for all organization-specific sensitive information

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