Value-Based Compliance™: An Innovative Solution to a Classic Problem

Parker J. Smith, CEO
May 19, 2023 by
Simplifyance, Gina Thorne

In today’s world of behavioral healthcare, there is a wide spectrum of product and service pricing that creates an enormous challenge for leaders attempting to find the highest-value solutions. Inundated with competitive marketing campaigns, often paid for by the highest bidder, leaders are overwhelmed with unlimited high, middle, and low-cost options. Shifts in our workforce, rapidly changing regulatory environments, and variable payer expectations have made purchasing decisions more complex than ever before.

How do leaders determine the value of the professional service or product that ranges from $10,000 to $100,000?  What information can be used to help leaders make informed decisions about choosing the “right” vendors?  Wise and well-networked leaders often reach out to those they trust for a recommendation, but for those who may not have immediate connections with trusted referrals, they are forced to look online hoping for convincing ‘reviews’ to make their decisions. Search engine research and review scrolling will only take you so far, especially in the behavioral healthcare services market.

Our focus in this article is to introduce a framework that defines the top ROI of resource allocation towards a complicated and often misunderstood aspect of the organization: Compliance.

Simplifyance™ is pleased to introduce Value-Based Compliance™, a model designed to empower Behavioral Healthcare Organizations (BHO) and their leaders to calculate their own best price for the highest level of value in professional compliance support.

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So, what is Value-Based Compliance™?  “An invested approach to cultural safety, quality improvement, and perpetual compliance that provides a measurable financial and social return on your investment.”  Let that sink in, a measurable financial and social return on your investment.

Organizations that pair our innovative technology and expert professional services can become more objective and less anxious about their operational and compliance infrastructure. They will avoid spending too little or too much and celebrate an expected return on their investment. In this article and those to come, we will explore the Simplifyance™ Value-Based Compliance approach in practice and provide examples of organizations simultaneously increasing their quality of care and bottom line using our framework.

How would it feel if your payer reimbursements increased, staff turnover decreased, and operational decisions were based on your data?

Often BHO’s look at regulation as scary site visits and red tape. We at Simplifyance™ demystify the complex nature of compliance and seek to reframe perceptions of the role it plays in overall organizational health. Our support with quality improvement, building cultural safety, and co-creation of institutional compliance knowledge helps operators maximize their resources and most importantly focus on their core competency: helping others heal.

What will it take to adopt an industry-wide approach to Value-Based Compliance™? First, we must move away from doing the minimum necessary.  As a leader in BHO Compliance, I am deeply concerned about the current industry approach of doing “just enough.”  Just enough puts clients, staff, and ultimately the organization in jeopardy.  We want to empower BHOs to showcase their staff, and the efforts made to create a culture of safety.  

With thousands of anticipated state and federal administrative rule changes and unfamiliar new certifications (i.e., Legit Script, ASAM Level of Care Certification) being required by various stakeholders, BHO’s must commit to a higher standard of safety and quality to stay relevant.

Simplifyance™ and the Value-Based Compliance™ model are built on the foundation of improving the quality of behavioral healthcare services while celebrating the social and financial benefits of organizational and community health. We invite you to join us in learning and adopting a better way of operating.

Follow us on a renewed compliance journey as we unpack Value-Based Compliance and other concepts like Calculating ROI, Quality vs. Quantity, Data Narratives, and Compliance Culture.

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